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Are apps to today as websites were to the 90’s?

It was the late 1990’s and I had recently graduated from university and making my way in the marketing world. A mentor and friend gave me a copy of Dreamweaver and suggested I learn how to make a “webpage” as that was the future of marketing. I only ever learned to make the most basic of sites, but certainly the time I logged to figure out some basics has served me well in my career… and whether my friend was right about needing to know how to “make a webpage” or not, he was certainly right about the impact the web and web properties would have on marketing.

Well today when my friend @richbirch posted this link on his twitter feed I was brought back to that moment… the moment when it became possible to make something with a computer without having any programmer knowledge at all. All that’s required is the ability to use a software application paired with some creativity. And so now I am thinking about the impact the “app” has had on marketing in it’s short history and how much more it will influence how I make my living day to day… no answers, but has been fun to imagine so thought I would share the prompt, some nostalgia, and this link with you.

APP INVENTOR: http://appinventor.googlelabs.com

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