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Fun with things you find…

I’m on holidays and today (Wednesday) marks the midway point… the day I am finally able to unwind, break out of my normal routines and headspace and have some fun.

My wife went out for coffee with her friend this morning leaving me with six kids… unfortunately, our van is in the shop and it so happens that the soccer ball is in it and the key to the bike lock is on that key ring as well… all this to say, our go-to play options are seriously hampered. What to do, what to do.

We are fortunate enough to be located beside the first hole of a golf course, so “searching for golf balls” became the adventure of the day. Previously we had found a garbage picker-upper in the village that had one rubber “hand” missing so it had been disgarded. Armed with the picker and a stick we headed for the “secret trails” in search of little white treasures.

After about an hour combing the creek side we emerged mosquito bitten and succesful having found more than 30 balls!! We spent the next half hour cleaning, counting and sorting them. An hour and a half of adventure. Now on to the next adventure… toads.

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