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Old skool classifieds still work

I’ve been trying to sell my Harley Davidson over the last few weeks and have had some interesting little discoveries along the way that I thought I would share.

My marketing program consisted of the following:

1. Craigslist ad

2. Facebook Marketplace ad

3. Facebook wall post

4. Twitter post

5. Vancouver SUN / Province classified ad

6. Sign on Bike parked outside my house


A few things I’ve learned and / or been reminded of:

1. If you are attached to something you shouldn’t try to sell it yourself, you will do a bad job. I get paid to be a marketer, I’m good at it normally; but I must confess that due to my attachment to this bike I subconsciously don’t want to sell it and so my marketing program has suffered. I am watching myself do stupid things with pricing, presentation, and generally am struggling to see past my own love affair with this bike.

2. If your buyer is old skool then your marketing should be too.  

a) Facebook tells me that 130+ have viewed my ad and aside from the friends who have reached out from my wall post, I can’t say I have had a call from it.

b) Craigslist has been okay and received a handfull of calls from it, in addition to the normal spam and low ball email offers. At the price of free it is definitely a required component in the mix.

c) But from the day my ad went live in the old skool Vancouver SUN classifieds, I’ve had a call every day, and from interested, qualified buyers. It was funny because the copy had to be stripped to just the basics and you couldn’t even see the colour of the bike cos it was in Black and White, but nonetheless the ad has WORKED!


The results:

The bike sold fairly quickly to a young purchaser from craigslist who has been unable to complete yet…  I’ve shown it a few times in the last few days through the SUN ad and have another showing today and expect it to be sold again shortly. Much to my surprise, the SUN ad has been the most active and successful medium for the sale of this item.

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