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Too much time on your hands…

October 14, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

In response to hearing the comment “those people have way too much time on their hands” with regards to the social media outpouring over the GAP’s new crappy logo, I find myself both annoyed and pensive about this statement.

The statement itself suggests that…

1) using social media for the purposes of commenting on unimportant topics is a “waste of time”

2) it takes time to make comments 

and it might insinuate that…

3) people who use social media are “time wasters” and concern themselves with unimportant things

4) social media is stupid as it is only used for wasting time on unimportant things


Regardless of how one feels about the 4 statements above or the fact that 3 & 4 are likely the trigger for my annoyance, I think the comment drastically under represents the most important points, which to me are…

a) social media takes NO time…  about as long as it takes for people to think… social media is just an immediate verbalization of what is in people’s heads…  it is now, real time; thoughts, place (via geolocation), significance (via the amount of influence people have). Social media is NOT a waste of time as it requires NO time at all…  it is the exact reflection of what people say, think, do, be and have been doing for years…  it is just that it is now an immediate public record. This is an incredibly important point if you hope to understand and / or leverage the tool.

b) holy crap, the general public has the ability to assemble around an opinion in a large enough way, quick enough, and with enough authority to create the influence necessary to make a multi-billion dollar company change their direction within 2 days – HARDLY INSIGNIFICANT…  this is extremely significant! Especially when you consider it was a “silent launch”, it showed up on their website and that was it and all hell broke lose thereafter. Consider for a moment how much time it would have taken some marketer to gain the influence to be given the authority and approval to start the process of changing a 20 year old logo for a multi-billion dollar organization…  and then double back to the fact it was unraveled in just 2 days. That’s significant. For those working in the GAP’s marketing department right now it is likely the most significant event assembled by a bunch of people “wasting time” in the history of their careers.

If you are not a marketer nor in an occupation where understanding how people think / socialize / act is important, then feel free to chalk this post up to just another blog about unimportant topics blown way out of proportion…  but if you are a marketer or in a career where customer behaviour matters and you have not given a second thought to the events surrounding the GAP’s crappy logo then I highly recommend you take a moment to reflect on what’s just happened…  the future of how you do your job depends on you seeing the significance of this.



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  1. December 4, 2010 at 5:02 am

    Odd this submit is totaly unrelated to what I was searching google for, however it was listed around the first page. I guess your doing some thing correct if Google likes you enough to place you around the 1st web page of a non related search.

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