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Customers “liking” you is more important than you think…

November 12, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’ve been reading the book “I live in the future and here’s how it works” by Nick Bilton… Great book, the kind you are so aligned with you feel like you could have written it (at least that’s how I feel)… I am just over 1/3 in and have had an epiphany I had to share.

For a few years now I have been arguing for the coming age of the digital native vs. The digital immigrant and the tipping point when the former will yield tremendous power and influence over the latter to which the latter will never catch up… For the need to build a “following” in preparation for this moment and not just for the pride of early adoption… But it has just become abundantly clear how truly significant this is in a whole other way.

You see, at the same time, I (along with everyone else with any sense) has been preaching the power of search and the need to make “google juice” an imperative in your marketing mix and brand strategy… For if google can’t find you then you don’t exist. And now, in a jarring “a-ha” moment the two ideas have collided in my head and a very scary reality has surfaced…

As social has become the norm and curator of choice for the information overload that is the Internet and as google and others work harder to personalize search and look to networks as the mechanism to do so… We will be faced with a world, an Internet, which is customized by our social network… Every search result will be ordered by the relevance and positive referral of our networks. If you search on a restaurant, only those that friends in your network have liked, commented on, checked in to, or linked to will appear in your results.

So now consider for a moment what will happen in the future should you not have any “followers” of your product or service… No one to validate you…. No digital referral…. No curator including you in their selections… No google juice. You could be extremely keyword relevant, geo-targeted, with the biggest cpc budget in the world, but if you have no friends you won’t exist.

In a world where the youngest billionaire in the world is exactly that for the number of “friends” that he has, building a digital trail of friends might just be the most important investment you will make in the coming years. I suspect to those that will get this idea already, I will be preaching to the choir, and to those that won’t get it, the significance of something so simple will be lost. Either way, it was an important enough moment for me that I felt I should put it out there… I time stamped reference point of what I was thinking and when… Man I love this digital age 😉

Now I’ll get back to my book.

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