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Development process going social…

I have been waiting for it to happen and the idea of using the social web to faciliate discussion surrounding development is starting to pop up more and more. IMO the examples are still somewhat clunky and just scratching the surface of truly becoming a “Development Process 2.0” but they do illustrate / provide the context for a new kind of public process conducted online.  A couple more recent local examples are…

Shannon Mews is a site in Vancouver currently in the redevelopment stages…  they have launched a very thorough website including forums and other opportunities to share and discuss the issues relevant in the public process… you can learn, share, contribute here www.talkvancouver.com

Rize Alliance is a developer currently working on the rezoning of the land at the corner of Kingsway and Broadway. This site is rather controversial for the immediate neighbours as it calls for a 26 storey tower in an area that currently consists of mostly low-rise and some 12 storey mid-rise product. They have done some pretty cool initiatives in an effort to create support / conversation including beautifying part of the space with public art and landscaping, a pop-up retail store concept (with free rents associated), facebook page, blog, in addition to their corporate website.

Regardless of which side of the fence your opinions fall on these sites, I encourage you to engage the conversation in a meaningful way (save your Nimby rants and focus on contributing to a meaningful dialogue). As these forms continue to grow in popularity and provide intelligent, meaningful dialogue they will be used more and provide a more transparent, productive, immediate, democratic approach to the public process. Should they just be filled with rants and thoughtless chatter they will likely be shut down and the voices that should be heard won’t be.

Check them out and contribute.



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