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Google+ is a gamechanger

So I’ve been messing with Google+ this week and already I can see it’s usefulness and power. I am having the same feelings I had several years ago when I first realized the enormous power facebook would have and how it would change my life and how I do my job as a marketer.

Not withstanding, I was skeptical at first and still struggle to see how long it will take for it to really get traction and change my long established twitter, facebook, linkedin (among others) habits, I am officially willing to declare it’s #gamechanger status.

So what’s the big deal. It’s simple really. It’s not facebook, it’s not twitter, it’s not linkedin, or youtube, or flickr…  it’s the evolution of all of them. It takes the idea of a social world and is the mechanism to bring it to life in a less segmented way than the aforementioned.

For most of us, I’d say twitter is our “general public” tool… a place where we share ideas, photos, articles etc for anyone to search on, follow people we want to hear from whom we may or may not know and where we live a “social” life in the public realm. Facebook, for most of us, is our “social” life in the private realm…  a place we share ideas, photos, articles etc with our closer friends, family, acquantances. And linkedin is our “social” life in the professional realm. 

G+ merges all of these. The basic premise of the platform is to build a seamless network of everyone you come in contact with and immediately categorize them in to groups or “circles”…  friends, family, work or a custom group you create. Every post is set up to share with only the groups you want, or with the entire general public. As such, content becomes attached to the large or small groups who are sharing it. You can see comments from the thousands of public people who have all shared the same link or just those in the smaller “circles”. This is not new as you can create similar groups in Facebook, but after using it, I can tell you it is more intuitive in G+.

The thing that pushes G+ over the top is when you consider the header tab which reveals quick access to your gmail, calendar, documents, photos etc. Now start to dream about the impact of a social network that is intimately tied to all your emails, your calendar, the documents you share etc etc…  now take it one step further and realize that because it is a google product, you are also now intimately tied to all of your search results…  so everything you search and research will also reveal the long list of referrals, comments, shares of everyone in your network. In theory, not only will this make your search results more relevant, but will also provide the play-by-play commentary of either the general public, your friends, family, or co-workers to further filter your search results and content stream. 

In addition, with google offering a plethora of apps to perform personal or business tasks, G+ creates a seamless and fluid platform to accomodate all personal, professional, and public dialogue. I can imagine going to work and fascilitating dialogue, sharing of information, meeting set ups etc all through G+, while merging personal scheduling, sharing etc. all in the same dashboard…  while at the same time have the prevailing public conversation on the same topics right at your finger tips. HOLY CRAP! G+ truly does fascilitate living a life in the cloud.

As a business and for marketers the impact is astronomical and realizes what I spoke about in a previous post I wrote called “Customers liking you is more important than you think“. I won’t reiterate everything here again, but the jist is, companies and marketers will have to be crazy focused on not just producing relevant content, but ensuring they are building networks to support it…  I suspect that whole process will be circular in that one produces the other. And for those businesses that do embrace it as a platform to manage dialogue across the board, they will be miles ahead of their old world competitors…  but that’s another topic, and this post is already too long. 

Try it out, add me , tell me what you think.

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