Welcome to the Ben Smith Inc aggregate…  a collection of all the profiles & places that exist for me on the interweb. This is meant to be a hub of external activities and my hope is it will make life easier for those who wish to follow along either personally, professionally, or just casually.

Name: Ben Smith
Born: November 4, 1976
Married: Julie Smith in 1998
I have four amazing kids.

I spend my days as a marketer and am likely best known for being unconventional in the midst of conventional worlds. I choose to work in traditional companies but see the world through a less obvious lens. I live in a 100+ year old house my wife and I have reformatted to fit our unconventional living style – we have a skateboard half-pipe in our living room. I have what some consider a large traditional family structure but we tend to do things a little different. I don’t really need or desire to fit-in but don’t wish to be argumentative or anti-social either. I’m just a “normal guy” that likes to consider things in new ways and I would be honoured to share my thoughts and experiences with you.
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